the Widest Smiling Faces

by The Widest Smiling Faces

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Hello there,

After countless hours of blissful work and euphoric toil, I am proud to present you with the Widest Smiling Faces. This album is a compilation of songs arranged to form something resembling an abstract emotional narrative, or to be more abstract, a narrative of imagery and color.

It is recommended that you listen between the hours of 2-4 A.M. preferably with headphones, in a state somewhat between cognizance and senselessness.


released November 17, 2009

You can reach me via Email at

Feel free to check out my music on Myspace/Facebook/TheSixtyOne




Artwork (Cover and Storybook) by Daniel Spenser

All songs © Aviv Cohn 2005-2009


all rights reserved



The Widest Smiling Faces Brooklyn, New York

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Track Name: My Room
Will you follow my lead to the world upstairs
It's cold but it's warm in my mind
and the sun in my window stands in the air
but the blinds they just block out the light.

My green room can not be
cause it's blue and not green
and the carpet's below the TV
where the cats like to lie
and make noise in the night
when I'm tired of trying to sleep.

Will you follow my lead to the world upstairs
It's cold but it's warm in my mind
and the sun in my window stands in the air
but the blinds they just block out the light.

The stuffed animals sit and they smile at me
cause they're ready and willing to play
but I'm here on my bed and I'm lost in my head
where I'll be for the rest of the day.

Will you follow my lead to the world upstairs
It's cold but it's warm in my mind
and the sun in my window stands in the air
but the blinds they just block out the light.
Track Name: Intravenous
Drip drip drip
eternal bliss
is coming for my soul

lied upon the tower of babel
had to see it fall

Is the water coming soon?
Track Name: Edge of a Knife
And I know in the morning when I wake up
I sit at my desk and I sip at my cup
I sink in my seat I stare at the screen
The day is a lie the night's got no dreams
And im tired of waiting forever to say
where im going
or hoping
to be the next day
Like a man whose forgotten the pleasures, of being
the meaning of breathing
the reason for seeing
the feeling of light like a man on the edge of a knife
and for the life of me I can't believe it's gotten so tight.

Well you moan and you scream and you toss in your sheets
but no sound comes out and no motions released
cause you're scared to deflate or evaporate cause all that you love is the rage in your veins.

Like you always thought it was gonna be
but never thought you'd see it
and you put your hand in your pocket and lean against the wall
and the wall starts to break and your arm dislocates
and you just can't escape through those long prison gates. Or the mirror in the bathroom
or the carpet in the hall
or the guitar with wooden stains
that you're tryin to play.

And I see some people walking outside and I wonder
if they feel the same way I feel?
Or care the way I care?
or mind the way I mind?
or do they know, the reasons for being alive?
Not just to survive, but to thrive
and to climb to the top of a hill with the wind in your hair
and the sky in your eyes and say I've got no fear of whatever arrives.
And to dive and to fly and to swim in your skin like you've never been fearful of anything.
Track Name: Jellyfish Song
Swimming through
I'm in their land now
the soaked waters
the wet blue waves.

Beneath my brain
there are people below?
but I can't reach them
their bony arms just sway.
Track Name: The only lonely ocean
The only lonely ocean was just sitting like a puddle
when a crooked cloud on withered winds came floating in unsubtle.
"Up above to rain my friendship from a sea so far away" said the cloud now effervescent as her pores began to drain.

And they spilled and dripped quite nicely in the day but oh not nightly! For those times when moon was in the blue they fell in storms of lightning. And the only lonely ocean felt the raindrops hit his head, as we waved above to whom he loved for lifting off his dread.
Track Name: In My Blood Ghosts are Swimming
Can I sit, on the swing?
Feel some love on my skin?

Lemon sweet
crawling ants in the grass
my tongue in the glass
Ice cream.
Track Name: Willow Lights
Willow lights
tire spread
stomach jumbled
shouldn’t have read
hate the bus
a mouth cactus
red sweat down my head
drips to inky lungs.

Smile tongue spill
coughing chests
sidewalk chill
of frozen breath
Looking up
winter dust
blown in cold air
as it’s passing us.

Sun head bursts out from angel wings
sawdust and milk
Strawman is fishing with a sponge
sawdust and milk
I’m smiling out my eyes
I learned to watch the summer rise
Not waste my day and sit inside cause it’s a
Sunday morning.
Track Name: Books and newspapers
I went looking for a rainy day
but I forgot, I forgot.
No one there to drive me out so late
they all forgot, they all forgot.

I was just preparing what to say
it's not a lot, it's not a lot.
I was just pretending that it wasn't a mistake
after all, after all.

Someone blew my head so far away
and now it's gone, now it's gone.
By the long grass near the interstate
but I was strong, I was strong.

Tell me what's your problem and I'll make it all ok
is that so wrong, is that so wrong?
You and me will learn to be the best of friends i think
in not too long, in not too long.
Track Name: Cough Syrup
Where's my head again again
I ask asleep again again
And all my head again again
it's ok to fall asleep again
again again my hand is tied
again again I lose my mind
again again and everything
again my head it falls away
my arms are tied here
and everything they all want
my head will break and everything
that's ours will fall to pieces again.
Walk the fields again again
till they are tired and all my friends
will walk the grass and stand in line
in fron tof the bricks where people lie
and all my friends are waiting there
nobody in clouds I stare
the sun the moon and everything
again again again again again.